Field Experience Final Reflection

Throughout his field experience I have learned so many valuable lessons that will aid me in my journey as an educator. The most important and biggest thing I learned throughout this entire thing is that I am most definitely in the correct career path. I absolutely loved teaching, and I loved being in a school environment. I can definitely see myself in a school setting.

I had such an amazing coop teacher and I feel so fortunate to have had her. She is such an experienced teacher with such a diverse background and she was so eager to share her experiences and resources with us. The students do become such a huge part of your life, and I am really sad that I won’t get to see them on a weekly basis. I can’t even imagine what an impact they will leave on me after I have them for years at a time.

I found this field experience challenging, but in all the right ways. I have learned so much about creating lessons and connecting it all to the curriculum. I was so overwhelmed on the first day of class when we had to look at our subject area outcomes and indicators because I wasn’t honestly sure about what we were it all meant. I think it is still really hard to create lessons that you teach only once a wee because there isn’t any background information you can teach them that will be fresh in their memories for the next day. It is hard to try to extend lessons for an entire week with that large of a gap in there because so much else happens in a week!

I think it is so crucial to be in an actual classroom and also having to create lessons to teach because there is no better way to gain experience than to actually do it. We can read textbooks and articles all we want but unless we are actually out there and experiencing students and classrooms in real life, then we won’t be gaining any knowledge at all.

Looking back at my field experience goals, I am confident that I achieved most of them completely. I was so nervous to teach my first few lessons, but after a couple weeks I felt completely comfortable in front of my students. It really helps to get to know them as well as you can because then they don’t seem so intimidating.

Classroom management is something else I was really nervous about going into this field experience because I had never had any experience in this area. It would be a lie to say that I am completely confident in myself when it comes to maintaining classroom management only because most of the time, in my classroom anyway, it was so unpredictable. It was interesting that almost every day that I was there teaching, it was a different student who was acting out. Of course there was still the usually students acting out lots of the time but its so intimidating because of the fact that it is unpredictable. With that being said, I have learned that as long as you have consistent and efficient classroom management techniques, then it really helps.

I am so excited to continue on with working with students in my pre-internship and my internship. Beyond that I am so excited to actually have my own classroom with my own students because I am confident that this is the career I am meant to be in.


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