Teaching Philosophy


I believe in an interactive classroom with interactive teaching methods. I strive to engage students in dialogue with myself, but also with their peers. I welcome and strive to include diverse voices and opinions within my content and teaching methods.

I believe in anti-oppressive education. Without rejecting and disrupting the “norms”, I would be contributing to the oppression. I believe in teaching through different lenses in hopes providing students with appropriate tools to be critical learners.

I believe in teaching by example. I will expect students to follow set routines; therefore as the teacher I will always stick to the classroom routines created by students and myself to establish familiar habits. I am always prepared, with advanced planning completed because I believe in organization and promptness.

I believe in creating and maintaining a safe and comfortable environment, again by modelling to students my expectation by being respectful and acceptance of all students and learners.

I believe in being a teacher twenty-four hours a day, therefore I will ensure my students know I am available to those who need before, during and after school hours.

I believe in not only teaching a large range of material, but also teaching crucial reading and writing skills throughout coverage of material.

I believe in including and taking advantage of technology in my classroom. It can be an innovative way to reach diverse needs of all students, and is a modern critical literacy skill that learners will be required soon to know.

I believe in being equitable to all learners, and providing inclusive education opportunities to all students. I will adapt and differentiate lessons, instruction, and assessments to meet the needs of each learner to ensure each student is getting what they need, instead of giving all students the same education. All students have the right to learn, and more importantly, every student has the right to learn in a way that works for them in order to succeed.

As a new teacher, I am very open to any suggestions or advice. I believe in professional development to always be learning new ways to grow. All students have the right to learn, and more importantly, every student has the right to learn in a way that works for them that helps them the most in order to succeed.


One thought on “Teaching Philosophy

  1. Tessa – good start to a teaching philosophy! Next step: start adding in links to lessons that you’ve taught in order to really show how you are living out your teaching philosophy. Make sure that the links you already have are really relevant – for instance, I’m not sure that the last one is adding a lot. You may also want to be more explicit about what you believe is the purpose of school.

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