Pre-Internship – Final Reflections

I was very nervous and somewhat apprehensive going into my first ever high school teaching experience. However, I realized very early on that I had nothing to be nervous about, and that I definitely chose the right career path. I loved being in a high school, interacting with the students in that age group. My only wish is that I could have spent more time in the classroom to continue to build relationships with the awesome students because they were my biggest fear, but turned out to be my absolute favourite part of pre-internship.

I cannot even begin to explain the knowledge I have gained throughout the three weeks. I completely understand why people have said that third year in education is the hardest because of the pre-internship. It is so difficult being dropped into a classroom smack dab in the middle of a semester. I really learned what an asset flexibility is as a teacher. I also learned how to collaborate effectively and professionally with colleagues, even if our ideas didn’t always match up with each other.

It was probably some of the toughest three weeks that I have ever experience, only because it was completely out of my regular schedule and something completely and totally new to me. However I feel as if I have already grown so much as an educator and am motivated and excited to get back into the classroom and continue doing what I love.

Overall, I had a really great experience and was very fortunate to be able to work with an established and successful cooperating teacher who was so willing to welcome us into his classroom. He gave us a lot of really detailed and informative feedback about what I should continue to work on during my internship. I really appreciated all of the heartfelt advice he gave us because much of it was a thing that I would never have realized without being observed. This experience has also prepared me for internship and I am nothing but excited and confident.


Pre-Internship – Separate School Experience

Being placed in a separate school division is a great learning experience for me. Not only did I attend a public school, but I also attended a really small high school. It is so interesting to see the differences in both. Something I admire is the sense of community this school seems to have with each other because they gather very often for things like mass and reconciliation. It is definitely a breath of fresh air.

I also find it very interesting that the students who attend schools in the separate division do not have to be religious, because I wonder why they would want to attend the school if they weren’t practicing religion. I also wonder why the parents would choose to put them in that school if they did not practice a religion. Perhaps it has to do with the school reputation in regards to academics or sports. It is all very interesting to analyze. I think that is is great that the students who don’t identify with a religion can choose whether or not they participate in the religious activities, such as reconciliation. I like that aspect of it because perhaps a particular student is religious but feels uncomfortable making confessions in the library at school. I like the fact that everyone has a choice.

I really value getting to experience different school divisions because it is so different than what my high school was like. My partner went to a school in the separate system so she is familiar with a lot of the protocols, whereas it is all new to me. I am soaking it all, and taking everything I learn as a piece of knowledge expanding my education experience.

Pre-Internship – Reflection of First Week

I have been in my classroom for a couple days, and so far I am loving being in a high school environment. I was nervous about entering my first high school teaching experience because it seems as if not long ago, I was still a student at a high school! I am mostly involved with grade 9 students. My partner and I are teaching the same grade 9 class, in different periods. We haven’t gotten a chance to teach yet, however I am learning a lot from observing which is awesome.

My partner and I have the opportunity to observe a different teacher’s supported grade 9 class. Right away we could see noticeable differences between the classes. For example, this supported english has a lot of EAL learners, therefore the dynamic of the classroom is quite different than our first periods. I noticed a lot more need for classroom management in this room, and the lessons and content also move at a much slower pace. I am very excited to be involved with this classroom because I know that there is an increasing number of diversity in schools, specifically an increase of EAL learners so it is a fantastic learning experience.

I am very happy with what classes I am observing because it seems as if everyone talks about how awful grade 9s are, however I am quite enjoying them! I also appreciate that my partner and I have a bit of observation time before jumping in because it gives us a chance to get to know the students better and an opportunity to get familiar with the school.However, I am excited to start teaching!