Inquiry Project Post #1: Why I chose Treaty Education

The reason why I wanted to choose Treaty Education for my inquiry project is because I feel like I need to have so much more information  beforeGMCTE Treaty Module FINAL I can incorporate it in an educational and effective way into my classroom on a daily basis.

I believe that one of the reasons that I feel so lost in regards to this topic is because I grew up in a place where Treaty Education was not discussed at all, and my teachers mostly avoided the topic as much as they could. I did not learn about residential schools until I started university, which is something that still makes me upset today that this knowledge was hidden from me for so long. It is unbelievable to me that so many Canadians are so oblivious to this topic.

After attending the Treaty Education Workshop at the beginning of the semester, I felt as if I never received a straightforward answer on HOW to actually incorporate Aboriginal ways of knowing into my daily routines in my classroom. I felt like the workshop was mainly focused on discussing the terms of the treaties in Saskatchewan. Obviously that information is very important, but at the same time it didn’t help me as a teacher trying to include this into my classroom that I am about to enter in.

I crave to learn more because not only do I fully believe that Treaty Education is an essential part of the Canadian learning experience, but I believe that I should know how to bring this into my classroom in a meaningful way. Incorporating Treaty Education is required to pass your internship, however I have heard of previous interns who have had co-op teachers who did not take this part seriously at all, and viewed it more of a chore than anything else. For example, they would incorporate a “sharing circle” into a lesson, and then they checked off the “included Treaty Essential Learning’s” into all of their lessons just so it was checked off. I do not want to view this topic as unimportant and want to ensure that I am incorporating it in a though-provoking and important way.

In an English classroom I can see how this could be easier to do than in other subject areas, however I want to find ways of making this a daily routine in my classroom, instead of just studying specific First Nation’s texts and saying that I am teaching Treaty Education. Treaty Education and incorporating Aboriginal ways of knowing is something I am very interested in further learning and I hope that I can eventually feel confident in teaching Treaty Education in my classroom.


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