Field Experience Response: Week 5

This week was all about adaptations and flexibility for me. I continued on with my theme of decision-making and planned a role playing game for the students to practice making appropriate decisions. What went well is that the students really enjoyed role-playing. I also was able to create a discussion beforehand about what types of decisions you make on a daily basis, how you make those and also how you make those larger decisions and whom you could ask for help.

What didn’t go as planned is pretty much everything. Our coop teacher told us as soon as we arrived that there would be an Elder coming in that morning to talk to the students from 9:30-10:30. So basically my partner and I had about an hour, hour and ten minutes to get through both of our lessons after the kids were back in from recess and got settled and what not. This isn’t that big of a deal but my lesson would take a bit longer than usual. However, we pushed on and dealt with it and it all worked out and were able to get through our lessons without obviously rushing. I just had to cut down my lesson a bit which was super easy to do because I had about 12 scenarios in case we needed to go longer but I just took some out and we only did about 3 scenarios per group. I also wasn’t able to have as long of a discussion at the end to wrap things up, but all in all I was happy with how everything went because I really wasn’t sure how the students were going to react to this lesson.

Another adaptation I had to make was location. Because our school is one room with only dividers in between, noise travels easily and it can get very distracting very easily. I hadn’t considered that this would be as issue, however since there were only two groups with about 8 people per group, once they started getting excited and planning their scenario they seemed to get louder and louder to have their ideas heard. Two of the other teachers asked us to try to be quieter since we were disrupting their classes, so we decided to move downstairs where they were able to be louder and they also had more room down there. In hindsight, starting off in the basement would have been the easier and smarter option especially in regards to our open concept school and the small space that our classroom is located in.

If I were to re-teach this lesson, I would make those changes I mentioned above about starting in a different area, as well as I would like to have more time to complete this lesson. I was thinking afterwards it would have been a good idea to have a discussion after each scenario to talk about what the other options could have been and what the other outcomes as a result. However, we simply did not have the time to have a discussion after each one if we wanted to get through a few.

This week I definitely was able to experience the flexibility that teachers need to have because unexpected things and events are always occurring! 


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