Joining Hands Against Bullying and Raising the Alert on Cyberbullying Response

In regards to bullying in my classroom that I am placed in, I really haven’t noticed any issues for the most part. Especially in regards to cyber bullying because our school is completely technology free. Our coop teacher as also told us that most of the students are also technology free in their homes so many do not have access to anything technology wise, down to having no televisions so no access to any social media at all.

There really isn’t a lot of bullying in general in our classroom. Like I have mentioned before in some of my blog posts, it is a private school with an emphasis on the community feel. There is only around 40 students in the entire school. Our coop teacher mentioned to us on our first day that many of the children who have chosen to attend the school, is a result from being bullied at other schools so our school has absolutely zero tolerance for it. I know that many other schools have the same policies, but the difference with our school is that since the students do not have access to technology there are no issues with implementing it. Other schools who have the same policy may have trouble implementing it because they don’t have control over what the students are doing with technology outside of school for sure.  I’m sure there are still relationship disagreements and such because that is hard to try to control every issue children have in their relationships. However, for the most part the entire school interacts very well together.

Some of the things I liked in this article that I would try to implement in my classroom are ensuring that my students are aware of cyber bullying and the implications that may result from it, especially with my older students. I liked the fact that the article highlighted the fact that we need to explain to our students the differences between tattling and telling. Tattling means getting someone in trouble, and telling means getting someone out of trouble. I don’t think that a lot of children realize that cyber bullying is actually illegal and they can get in trouble with the law. Whether it is threatening harm on someone or sending or receiving inappropriate pictures. Not a lot of students realize that sending inappropriate pictures is distributing child pornography, and the people receiving it are in possession of child pornography. That is a serious offence with harsh consequences. Perhaps if students were more aware of the legal consequences then they would take their online actions more serious.

I think that the parents also need to be aware of cyber bullying because realistically, children do not have access to technology unless their parents allow them. More and more parents are seemingly letting their children have unsupervised access to technology without realizing what their children can do online. Having more awareness about this issue is the only way that cyber bullying will decelerate as technology is only growing at faster rates and becoming more accessible for everyone.



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