Field Experience Response: Week 3

This week, I felt like my second lesson went over a lot better. I took what I thought could improve on from my first lesson and tried to incorporate it into this lesson. I continued on with my poetry theme with creating a type of sensory poem. I kept the outcomes somewhat the same because I was disappointed that my “KWL” chart was unsuccessful the week before which was mainly what my outcome was about. This week instead of handing out separate charts for each table group, I would create the charts with the students on the board. This worked a lot better. We started out with finishing the first chart from the week before, to review what the first type of poem we did was and filling out what we learned. I wasn’t sure if the students would contribute anything because it was 2 weeks ago that we did the first poem. I was surprised that the children had lots of ideas that they were excited to share. We then transitioned to the next poem with completing a second “KWL” chart about sensory poems. Again, the students had lots of ideas to contribute with I was really happy with. I thought the charts worked 100 times better as a group on the board then individually.

I am really happy with the lesson, and everything went as planned. One thing I have noticed that I am struggling with is only being there once a week. I am finding it hard to create a lesson that can happen in just one day without going back to it. I am finding that so many of the lessons could easily continue on to the next day, or how it would fit into an entire unit plan.

If I could change the lesson in any way, I would try to maybe incorporate more information about sensory poems so the children could have had a better idea on why we were making a poem about our hands. They understood that we use our senses and that the poem was supposed to be about, but some did not turn out that way.

I learned this week that planning lessons do get a lot easier; I am already feeling more comfortable planning lessons just after 2 weeks. I stressed out so much about my first lesson, and of course as a teacher it is so important to be organized and prepared, but I no longer feel overwhelmed or stressed. Our coop teacher told us she thought we looked a lot more comfortable this week and I am glad she noticed because I do feel more comfortable each week as we get to know the children and their classroom!


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