Field Experience Response – Week 1

Yesterday morning was our first day in the classroom and it went really great! I was pretty nervous at the beginning, but started to feel comfortable right away. The school only has 40 students, and it is very much a community vibe. We started the day off with introductions to the students about who we were. We then observed the morning routine, and then were able to start our icebreaker activity. In our class, there are 17 students’ grades 4 – 7. It is really interesting to see the range of ages in the class and how well they interact with each other. The activity we decided to plan was making a “question ball”. We wrote various questions on a plain rubber ball and tossed it around in a circle. Whatever questions their thumb landed on, they would tell us their name and then answer the question out loud.  I think the students really enjoyed the activity, all very exciting to share their answers with us. Perhaps next time we should plan something for students who are shyer because there was one little guy who really didn’t want to answer any of the questions out loud.

After we were done playing that game, the students went back to their desks and filled out a questionnaire that we created for them. The reason we decided we wanted to have them fill these out is so that we had something to take with us so we could look over them and get to know the kids better. My favorite part of today was coming home and reading over their answers, because each child is so unique from the other. I think this will be a good thing to have to look back at if we are struggling to get a child engaged in our lessons, because then we can come back and look at what they are interested in and perhaps can try to spike their interest that way. It also is a good way to find out what is going on in their life, for example one student put one of their wishes would be for their grandpa to become healthy. We weren’t expected answers such as this, however I think it is something we should know about because obviously this is something that is impacting their life at the moment.

I was really happy with how the first day went, and I am super excited to continue in their classroom. One challenge I think I will encounter is speaking loud enough and ensuring that students are understanding the lesson because it is in a one-roomed school. There are grades K-7 so with all the classes being in one room, it can get loud at times which isn’t just a distraction to the students, but also with myself. A second challenge that I feel I will struggle with is that it will be such a challenge to engage and relate the lessons to each student because they have such a range in ages and grades. I am also kind of confused with how I will use indicators and outcomes because as I said, there is such a range in grades.

Next week we are supposed to plan a lesson relating to valentines’ day. I am excited to create this lesson connecting the holiday to English. It will be great experience to start teaching some English lessons. 


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