Field Experience Goals

 #1 – Becoming More Comfortable and Confident

I still struggle being completely comfortable and getting up and speaking in front of students; they are quite intimidating for young children! My mom has always told me that I need to go into the classroom looking confident and like I know what I am doing even if I am freaking out inside. I can achieve this goal by ensuring that I use a loud, audible and clear voice, being prepared ahead of time and practicing the lessons, having a back up plan at all times, making eye contract throughout the room and always showing confidence even if I am not. I also think getting to know students as best I can, will make me more confortable in front of them, which can also tie in with my second goal.

#2 – Classroom Management

As my fellow students have also expressed, I am extremely nervous to try and have control of my classroom. I find that it will take some time to transition from a student to a teacher. Even on my first day in the classroom I kept catching myself because I wanted to introduce myself to the kids as “Tessa”, and I had to remind myself that I was now “Miss Thacker.” Its challenging because you want your students to enjoy their time with you, so it will be hard for me to be stern at times. I can achieve that by ensuring there are clear classroom rules as well as carrying out the consequences when those rules are not followed.

#3 – Organization

I like to think of myself as a very organized student, however as a teacher, I will have to take organization to an entirely different level. Being in the classroom with more responsibilities is already showing me how organized a teacher must be – not even just with the lesson plans but also having back ups upon backups upon backups because a teacher must also be prepared for things to go the other way. I can achieve this by preparing my lessons early in the week, not waiting until Sunday night, as well as keeping everything I can because as I get farther in my teaching journey, I am sure I can reuse or build from lessons. Having a safe and organized place for these will be helpful for me in the future. Having lists and organizers and calendars also really help me by letting me plan ahead so I don’t forget about anything. 


2 thoughts on “Field Experience Goals

  1. Tessa – looking back, what kind of progress do you think you made on your goals? Do you feel more confident in front of the classroom? What new goals can you now set for yourself moving forward?

    • Looking back on the goals I set for myself 8 weeks ago, I think I made a lot of progress that I am proud of. More specifically, I am very proud of myself of how comfortable I have become in front of the students. I remember the first week I was so nervous with my knees shaking, scared that everything was going to go wrong. I noticed that as soon as I got to know the children better I became more comfortable right away. It also helped because it was a smaller classroom so it was easier to get to know each student on a more personal level in such a short period of time. I also am proud of myself that I have become so much more comfortable in creating lesson plans. I remember the first lesson that I ever made I spent HOURS working on it, finding resources to use, making numerous examples, trying to make sure everything went perfect. I soon discovered that perfect is not possible in education, and my lesson went way off my plan. I also realized that if you spent that much time on every lesson you taught you would have literally no time for yourself. Another valuable lesson I learned is to keep everything you have, and try to collect as many things as possible to use as resources at whenever you can. I have kept all my lesson plans and all the work from them as well as my partner’s lesson plans, I think in education it is so important to share resources and ideas and change things so they can fit your style and lessons.

      The goals I am going to set for myself moving forward in my educational journey is to really work on including treaty education in ALL of my lessons. I don’t think I was successful in that area during this field experience at all because I found it very challenging to fit it into some of my topics and activities. This is something I will obviously need to work on since it is required in order to pass our pre-internship next year.

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